YouTube: Lillian Roxon, 1973


July 28, 2009 by admin

Beyond fantastic that this exists. Thank you world.


5 thoughts on “YouTube: Lillian Roxon, 1973

  1. Tom Lane says:

    A find, for sure, one of our great early Rock writers. There’s a mention of this on her wikipedia page.

  2. Todd Totale says:

    Growing up, I read Encyclopedia more than the Hardy Boys, Mad Magazine, the Fantastic Four, or Ken “The Snake” Stabler’s autobiography. Thanks for that link, Mr. Lane. I had no idea what became of Ms. Roxon and I had no idea she was almost a decade older than the subjects she wrote about. She certainly didn’t look over 40 in that clip.

  3. Mark Kemp says:

    She was a woman ahead of her time, and one of those writers who surely would have had much more to say had she not died so young.

  4. Doug Patton says:

    The Late Great Lillian Roxon – ROCKS ON !

  5. s woods says:

    Video no longer available, sadly. Which is what led me to the other items now posted.

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