Monthly Archives: October 2009

  1. Robert Palmer, in print & on screen


    October 28, 2009 by admin

    Jay Babcock at Arthur magazine has information about an upcoming documentary about Robert Palmer (w/video trailer) and his time spent …
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  2. Jo Jo Dancer, Your Profession is (Still) Calling


    October 22, 2009 by admin

    Some of you may recall “The Rock Critical List,” a xeroxed (read: actually photocopied, on paper) screed about the state …
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  3. Meme of the Day: Lester Bangs Wannabes & Imitators


    October 9, 2009 by admin

    “The question [Bruce] Sterling brings up here has nagged Bangs-the-original and Bangs-wannabes since the first rush wore off: It’s got …
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  4. Weekend Reads (and Listens)


    October 2, 2009 by admin

    Haven’t done a roundup-y sort of thing in… well, forever far as I know. A random bunch of things (via …
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