Weekend Reads (and Listens)

Haven’t done a roundup-y sort of thing in… well, forever far as I know. A random bunch of things (via Twitter, mainly) to kick off your weekend house parties:

  • New York Times podcast featuring Nik Cohn and Ben Ratliff discussing (the newly remastered) The White Album.
  • 800 + pages of Manny Farber, also now available in good stores everywhere (except, apparently, Toronto). Early review here by Ken Tucker.
  • Page flip through this Amazon link to get to the Table of Contents for the newest in the Da Capo Best Music Writing series. Guest Edited by Greil Marcus (w/Series Editor, Daphne Carr).
  • Chris de Burgh hates our kind. (And to think of all the times I endured “Lady in Red” at weddings on his behalf. You think I’m kidding…)

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