Favourite Music Reads of the 00s: #4 (Noise Boys)

– Mark Sinker, 2001

“The actual real word for ‘ugliness’ that Excites My Ears is ‘beauty,’ of course. Except I daren’t say this, for fear of ultra-cool avant-hipsters telling me I’m the Culture Industry’s Bitch. So I invoke-invent-insist on some nice squares somewhere to find my beauty ugly, and shore up my shameful pleasures with new undisrupting safer rescue-meanings. What if declaring yourself unfooled, frantically stripping yourself of all possible idiocy, also murders all possible capacity to challenge anything much, yourself, your foes, your world? You see, some passersby don’t even get noticed in the noisewars: not punks, not hippies, not squares, not freaks, just harassed middle-aged working-class women on their way to clean up after someone’s stupid pogo party…. If NOISE is yr god, does this mean noise to ‘them,’ poor trapped prole boobies, or noise to YOU, self-walled up in your aesthetico-political Pigfuck Palace?”


One thought on “Favourite Music Reads of the 00s: #4 (Noise Boys)

  1. Bangs’s work has always inspired me. But I always hang my head when those who write about him (or try to be like him) fail miserably. I know they mean well and it’s not that my fellow music writers and idols are bad, is just that they fail to understand that Bang’s wrote from a deeply emotional place and was being himself, even if it was aided by the heavy use of drugs. Because through the drug use I still see his heart and I respect that and am inspire by that single quality of his writing. Which sadly is something I don’t see a lot of other writers doing in their writing much of the time. But the writers who do are the ones I admire.

    Thanks for sharing this tribute. 😉

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