Favourite Music Reads of the 00s #9 (White Boys)

“Still, it was quite a surprise that winter night in ‘77 when Weekend aired a segment on ‘the punk phenomenon in England.’ Open-mouthed, I gazed at the television screen with a glee as The Sex Pistols wreaked havoc in countless unsuspecting households throughout America.

“Broadcasted ‘in living color,’ this crew of wild Brit boys clad in worn jeans, ripped t-shirts, chunky black boots and numerous piercings stalked the stage of a tattered venue in brutish abandon. ‘That’s disgusting,’ Carlos mumbled sleepily as lead ‘singer’ (screamer, shouter, shrieker) Johnny Rotten lobbed gobs of spit into the frenzied folks in the front jumped up and down. It was as though they were being baptized. ‘You would never see The Jackson Five spitting at their fans.'”
– Michael Gonzales, “White Boy Music” 2008 (in Blackadelic Pop)

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