Favourite Music Reads of the 00s #13 (1000TimesYes)

Ten tasty bites from Christopher R. Weingarten’s insanely laudable and laudably insane @1000TimesYes Twitter project (context provided here and here), starting just past the halfway mark, which is where I first tuned in (still in progress btw):

506) Twista/Category F5: Slow jams and fast game will always have their place. Hyphy tracks not so much, but hey.#6.5

591) Pete Yorn & Scarlett Johansson: A complete miscast of Scarlett’s fucked up pipes into a She & Him detergent commercial.#3.5

628) Trey Songz/Ready: You should sleep with Trey Songz because he knows Drake and is less crazy than R. Kelly.#6.5

716) Vitalic/Flashmob: It still rocks, but like solar-plexus-punching French house, not ZZ Top.#6.5

791) KISS/Sonic Boom: Somehow even cornier and more overproduced than their puffiest, most AquaNetted, unmasked-’80s hair-glam tragedies.#2.5

802) Alphabeat/The Spell: Within two years they stopped rollerskating to Bananarama and started rollerblading to Black Box.#7

806) Lil Wayne/No Ceilings: Relentless simile fest that sways from hilarious to unfortunate to “I made that pussy gleek.”#7.5

817) Wolfmother/Cosmic Egg: Fuckin A fuckin O fuckin R. But we’ve got the biggest balls of them all.#6

872) Kid Sister/Ultraviolet: When the cool kids invite you to their party and turn out to be as boring and talentless as you suspected.#1.5

884) The King Khan & BBQ Show/Invisible Girl: Mutant doo-wop blown out on a boombox and no less charming.#7


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