Question of the Decade

Is anyone else already as sick of decade-end lists as I am? Everyday on Twitter and elsewhere I bump into (or am inundated by — there’s stuff coming in through e-mail as well) with best this-that-&-the-other-thing lists: albums (the most common list, by far), songs, metal bands, metal anthems, videos, movies, movie trailers, movie quotes, magazine covers, TV shows, fiction titles, non-fiction titles, book covers, music blogs, political blogs, video games, comics, comic characters… it goes on. I don’t know what tree I’m barking up here, I’m as implicated in the problem (wait — is it a problem?) as the stuff I’m pointing to (the only thing more clichéd than terminal listmaking is complaining about terminal listmaking). And yeah, I ask all this: a) smack dab in the middle of continuing with my list of “favourite reads” right here on this site (TBH, my own progress has slowed purely from fatigue with the concept itself); b) knowing damn well I’ll be putting together my own Top 10 songs list in a couple weeks or so (and engaging in a podcast/conversation about it, no less); and c) fully aware that I am shutting myself off from reading some interesting thoughts on the ’00s as a result of my fatigue.

So — not sure what I’m asking here exactly. Any general thoughts on the matter? Do you care about any of it at this point?

3 thoughts on “Question of the Decade

  1. Decade is preferable to “of all time” lists. I find “year-end” ones useful depending on the writers who compile them. Lists by genre are helpful, as well. As rock, or whatever variation, wears on I find it more overwhelming. In fact, I have a headache right now that I attribute to too much commercialism. Marketing is louder and brighter and much of music has gotten more aggressive – not necessarily in a powerful way, just empty attitude.

  2. I enjoy music much more these days by listening to it much less frequently. I enjoy it more when I do listen to it because I don’t feel over-inundated by it, and I enjoy it more when I don’t listen to it because it helps me think about it with more clarity. It’s like a post-Meltzer thing, I guess: not-listening-to-pop as a perfectly valid way to experience pop. It works for me. It also explains why I’ll likely never write too much about it again. I can talk about it all night, though.

  3. I was told List-Making was the only way to ensure a free society and that I was contributing to the betterment of mankind. Aw, fuck.

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