Favourite Music Reads of the ’00s: #26 (Female Gods)

  • “In the past, [Jagger] has slipped into personae – the Street Fighting Man, Jumpin’ Jack Flash, the Man of Wealth and Taste – but he lets his guard down to an unprecedented degree on Goddess; the beautiful ballads draw on feelings of loneliness, vulnerability, spiritual yearning and, as always, life with the ladies.”
  • “The lyrics portray a guy who’s got it all – fame, fortune and the means to indulge any materialistic and hedonistic impulse he might divine – but is wise enough in his late middle age to know there’s something more out there.”
  • “It may seem a truism, but it’s worth noting that he is – along with John Lennon, Van Morrison, Bob Dylan and Bono – one of the great male rock voices of this age. And he is in exceptional form on Goddess in the Doorway. If anything, Jagger’s voice is rounder and warmer than ever…”
  • “It is a clear-eyed and inspired Mick Jagger who crafted Goddess in the Doorway, an insuperably strong record that in time may well reveal itself to be a classic. World, meet Mick Jagger, solo artist.”

– Excerpts from Jann S. Wenner’s 5-Star review of Mick Jagger’s Goddess in the Doorway, Rolling Stone (2001)


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