RoxyMania! (finale)


January 22, 2010 by admin

Now the party’s over...

Alfred Soto and I wrap up our Roxy/Ferry behemoth with some final comments, including Alfred’s review of David Buckley’s The Thrill of it All and Much Ado About Bowie

MP3s of all seventeen episodes available here (as well as our personal Top 10s + a number of Roxy-related links).

Many thanks to Alfred for indulging me in this concept and for all this insightful and interesting comments along the way. Serious Roxy withdrawal to commence.


4 thoughts on “RoxyMania! (finale)

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  4. Steven Ward says:

    What’s the only thing more decadent than Roxy Music? A 17-part podcast of two Roxy fans discussing Roxy Music. I love it!

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