Meltzer’s Night at the Opera

In this brief review of the Ellen Willis anthology, Brian Joseph Davis writes: “When Richard Meltzer, a one-time student of Allan Krapow, invented rock criticism as an art prank — applying the jargon of aesthetics usually reserved for the Met Opera to a review of The White Album –— he was only half joking. The serious part of his game, that pop music was a … Continue reading Meltzer’s Night at the Opera

Promoting Your Bad Self

From Logan K. Young’s review of the Byron Coley anthology, which I linked to the other day: But, of course, [Coley] didn’t start out that way. “This is an example of my writing at its shittiest,” reads the preface to his NY Rocker ‘82 review of the Dü’s Land Speed Record. (Literally, he spends half his word count waxing how the French would shove shrapnel … Continue reading Promoting Your Bad Self

Roots of Metal

Sandy Pearlman, reviewing the Stones’s Got Live if You Want It! in issue #8 of Crawdaddy! (March 1967): On this album the Stones go metal. Technology is in the saddle — as an ideal and as a method. A mechanically hysterical audience is matched to a mechanically hysterical sound. Side two of the album is a metal side. Most mechanical. It has the historic “Last … Continue reading Roots of Metal

Early Coley

A review of Byron Coley’s C’est la guerre: Early Writings: 1978-1983 (published by L’Oie de Cravan, in both English and French), at Blurt Online. And to further mark the occasion, an interesting interview with Coley at Vice magazine. Q: So back when this stuff was being written, did you think you’d still be writing about music 30 years later? A: I remember talking to Richard … Continue reading Early Coley

Reading Books About Hüsker Dü

Hüsker Dü’s Propulsive Liberation (Reviews of two new Dü books by Christgaü — including one co-written by Mould and Michael Azerrad — in the New York Times) “Three dec­ades later I still feel lucky to have experienced that transmutation of wrath into flight. Not only did Hüsker Dü generate an impressive recorded legacy during their eight years on earth, they were ferocious live — as … Continue reading Reading Books About Hüsker Dü