From the Rockcritics Inbox

“Have you ever thought about how common it is for a music magazine to run a column about movies, and how many music critics are so in love with both movies and literature (popular, and otherwise), but how uncommon it is for music writers to be interested in architecture?

“Just sayin’…”

6 thoughts on “From the Rockcritics Inbox

  1. Two words — Justin Davidson.

    He was the only music critic/architecture critic I have ever heard of.

    I think he is at New York magazine these days.

  2. Thanks, had never heard of him before (not up on my classical guys, but good to know). There’s also, of course, this:

    A title I’ve never actually held but am thinking now I should seek out a copy of.

  3. Actually, seems to me the critic James Hunter has always been really fond of using architectural metaphors in his writing — I don’t have any examples handy off hand, but he always gave the impression as hearing music (specifically, its sonic values, such as production) as… well, buildings, sort of.

  4. Anyway, I wasn’t especially coherent there, but Hunter always had a real knack for making music sound interesting, even when I didn’t really get the references, or know what the heck he was talking about. For what it’s worth, Jo-Jo Dancer’s infamous “Rock Critical List” even referred to “Sonic architecture enthusiast James Hunter”:

    From the Rockcritics Inbox

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