The End of Rock Criticism?

Just came across this piece by Wil Forbis, from 2010 (in Acid Logic).

“However, I don’t think we’ll ever replace the rock or music critic (though you might be able to replace the paid critic.) The truth is, a lot of people simply don’t have much taste in music. This is not to say they’re morons, but simply that their antenna for music is not finely calibrated. In the old days, when the record industry was producing only thousands of records per year, these people sought guidance to find the best music of the moment. In the modern MP3 era, where the democratization of music has caused a tsunami of sound files, these people are close to helpless. But, just as the Internet engendered the amateur musician to create a product competitive with professionals, amateur critics now abound. (It’s getting to the point where we may need critics of rock critics in order to filter out the mediocrities.) As the demand increases, so too does the supply.”

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