Jeff Pike on Rob Sheffield

Jeff Pike reviews Rob Sheffield’s Love Is a Mix Tape: Life and Loss, One Song at a Time It’s hard to read in places—anyone who has ever lost anyone can expect to find Sheffield probing painful places one way or another. But it’s amazingly light-hearted too, even as it never shrinks from anything. In the end, Sheffield does a good deal toward making something substantial … Continue reading Jeff Pike on Rob Sheffield

Genesis vs. The Dean

Ward-bait! Christgau has at Genesis; Genesis fans have back at Christgau. I know, har-har yeah-whatever, tell-me-something-I-don’t-already-know (er, you do know where you are now, right?) but it’s funny reading this in light of a comment I posted on the architecture site recently by pre-Yo La Tengo rock critic, Ira Kaplan (from a great review, actually, of the first Christgau guide; someone mailed me a photocopy … Continue reading Genesis vs. The Dean

On Hating the F*&%ing Eagles

Steven Hyden revisits the Eagles greatest hits collection (AV Club): One of the most influential rock critics of the last couple of decades doesn’t write for Rolling Stone, Spin, or Pitchfork; he’s not a writer at all, actually, or even a real person. You could call this figure the man for his time and place. Even if he’s a lazy man — and this person … Continue reading On Hating the F*&%ing Eagles

More on Nu-Creem

Rock Chronicle Inspires Battle Over Its Legacy, by James C. McKinley Jr., NYT. For five years, Mr. Matheu said, he struggled to get Creem off the ground again. He started an online edition, hired freelance writers and assembled an archive of back issues. But the enterprise never made a profit. “We were doing all of it without any advertising support,” Mr. Matheu said. “I continued … Continue reading More on Nu-Creem