Jane Scott Tributes

  • “And when we got inside, my sister asked who brought their Grandma to the show. I turned, and there beside me, with her Ticket pinned to her scarf; big red glasses, a bigger purse and the biggest smile I’d ever seen was Jane Scott. I immediately fanboy’ed and professed, as many had before me, that she was required reading every Friday and after every show… whether I was there or not. I introduce her to my sister, who wasn’t quite sure what to make, but slowly realized the cool factor when Jane started rocking out with us. Jane was 71 at the time.”
    Honesty is Such a Shallow Grave
  • “The whole time that we were talking, she was making notes in a notepad and it soon became very clear that it was that notepad that held the key to the magic within her stories, always a hybrid of what was happening on stage, mixed with personal input from the people that were there to see the show. It was an important early lesson to me that sometimes those nuggets for a potential story are right there, all around you.”
    Addicted to Vinyl
  • “Scott always lugged a massive tote bag, one that contained reams of paper, a snack and who knows what else lurking on the bottom. Jimmy Hoffa could have been in there. These were the pre-Internet, pre-cellphone days. A reporter couldn’t whip out a smartphone and Google a song lyric in 1985, and Jane Scott came prepared.”
    Trib Today
  • “She was like Andy Warhol: iconic blond hair set in a most determined pageboy that never moved. That, and red oversized glasses. You couldn’t miss her at shows — be it the Dead Boys, Pearl Jam or Neil Young. Paul McCartney serenaded her; the often prickly Lou Reed adored her, and young people in Cleveland had a better sense of the bands they loved because Jane Scott worked so hard to show stars as human beings.”
    Los Angeles Times
  • “Jane put such recognition from rock stars into perspective for me: These people are not my friends. They are using me to get publicity, just as I am using them to get a story.”
    Lakewood Patch

2 thoughts on “Jane Scott Tributes

  1. Thanks for your two cents, Chip. We have a short piece slated to run about Jane either later tonight or tomorrow.

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