What’s Age Got to Do with it?

Michael Freedberg writes:

Jane Scott was a very personal inspiration to me as a music journalist. I had already reached an age well beyond the average at clubs and concerts when I first heard of her. Though she was based in a city 600 miles away, and I almost never got to read her actual reviews, I could well picture her sitting beside me at a concert or dancing next to me at a club, saying, “what’s age got to do with it? Does the JOB change because?” And of course no, it doesn’t. Jane Scott was there, doing it on the front line, at age 70, 80, and more, doing it because the job needed doing, she loved doing it, took it upon herself to support the best of rock music as she heard it (and saw it). That’s what a critic is supposed to do: tell the reader what happened, was it good or not, and if so, why so. And that the reader needed to know of acts worth knowing. That’s what art critics do all the time; why not rock critics? Well now. I’m a long way from 92, the age at which Jane left us; but I’m older now than most of the venues I go to and older than almost all the acts whose stuff I review. It’s all in me, 55 years of listening and 37 years of reviewing, and I enjoy it as much as Jane did, and because Jane did it. THANK YOU, JANE SCOTT for always being there for me!

(Michael Freedberg has been writing about disco and dance music since before “disco” was a genre. Read more by Freedberg in the rockcritics.com Disco Critics Survey from 2001.)


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