Nu-Creem: D.O.A.?

Will Jilted Filmmakers Hinder Re-Launch of Fabled Creem Magazine? (via Anthony Kaufman’s ReelPolitik)

“Turns out the man behind the new Creem, with a planned circulation of 150,000-200,000 and a broader music network, including mobile apps and streaming videos, is Jason Turner, a much reviled figure in the indie film world.

As reported in indieWIRE in 2008, Turner was once the head of a company called Mediastile Inc, which repeatedly failed to send royalty payments and traffic reports to Sundance Film Festival shorts filmmakers who screened their films online via iTunes, Netflix and XBox LIVE. One filmmaker, after repeated delays in getting paid, told indieWIRE, ‘My opinion was first that they were incompetent and now that they’re crooked.'”

Update: More on Turner in the NYT comments box.

Everything about this revival smells terrible (worse than the book put out a few years ago, and that was pretty bad). Someone please just put old, original Creem on DVD-ROM and let’s be done with it, okay?

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