Write Me a Tag Line!


August 9, 2011 by admin

I’ve been starting to wonder if our tag line, “rock critics talking to, about,  and with each other” is ready for retirement. It’s a statement less of purpose, I think, than of dreams unfulfilled (and maybe I’m just a little sick of it). Here’s a few I’ve been toying with lately:

Rockcritics.com: Where Rock Criticism Comes to Die
Rockcritics.com: More Than a Decade of Pretending That Any of This Stuff Still Matters
Rockcritics.com: Never Agreeing on Anything the Way We Agreed on Elvis
Rockcritics.com: Still Trying to Figure Out, What is this Shit?

Got any other suggestions?


7 thoughts on “Write Me a Tag Line!

  1. Phil says:

    1. Rock critics: is there anything they *don’t* know? (best read in a Homer Simpson voice)
    2. Rock critics: Triple-A till the end of time!
    3. The Tree of Life

  2. Steven Ward says:

    Rockcritics.Com: Rock What?

  3. Mark Mays says:

    Rock critics: Still not impressed by Odd Future because Blowfly was truly transgressive

  4. Richard Riegel says:

    1. rockcritics.com: it keeps us out of adult day care
    2. rockcritics.com: so’s your old man!

    p.s.: I’ve never agreed about Elvis at any time (Chuck Berry’s THE MAN), and may have to file for conscientious-objector status if you select that one.

  5. Alex V. Cook says:

    : Still on the fence about bands everyone else has forgotten

  6. Anonymous says:

    : too old to r ‘n’ r, too young to die!

  7. Steve Crawford says:

    Still trying to understand Greil Marcus.

    Because Stephin Merritt needs us.

    For people that think too much about Lady Gaga.

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