Chuck Eddy Triptych

A twin feature from the Los Angeles Review of Books: King of the Contrarians: Josh Langhoff introduces Chuck Eddy, the man with more voice per square inch than any other rock critic, and Michaelangelo Matos finds out what makes him tick. Also, in PopMatters: Chuck Eddy Will Piss You Off with ‘Rock and Roll Always Forgets’ by W. Scott Poole Advertisements Continue reading Chuck Eddy Triptych

Fusion Critics Poll, 1972

A friend sent me this, so I’m posting it, a little nervously… more fascinating archival material. Just one short comment: fairly delighted (and surprised) to see Pagliaro’s “Some Sing Some Dance” rank #6 on the Top 6 (!) singles list. To put this in some perspective, it apparently only needed three votes to attain that position. Still, we’re talking about a bilingual pop craftsman from … Continue reading Fusion Critics Poll, 1972

Cherry Bomb

Sara Marcus on Ellen Willis’s escape from the music ghetto (reviewing Out of the Vinyl Deeps in the Los Angeles Review of Books). Willis understood rock to be not the solid monolith its name might suggest, but rather a permeable pavilion through which currents of cultural change flow, and within which agglomerations of human desires gather. As we see throughout Vinyl Deeps, she was concerned … Continue reading Cherry Bomb

Simon Frith interview (2010)

Not a new interview, but new to me. Simon Frith interviewed at DRYRIB. Part 1 and Part 2. I don’t regret any of my critical assessments—mostly because I can’t remember most of them. One of the salutary lessons an academic learns writing for a paper like Melody Maker is that readers’ interest in what you say barely survives the day of publication so I often … Continue reading Simon Frith interview (2010)