KT on CE

Ken Tucker reviews Chuck Eddy’s new tome (Entertainment Weekly) How glad I am to see the publication of Eddy’s new song(s) of himself Rock and Roll Always Forgets: A Quarter Century of Music Criticism (Duke University Press). Glad, first, because it’s truly a representative selection, tracing the slithery paths of Eddy’s enthusiasms from Marilyn Manson to Mindy McCready just to stick with the ‘M’s, with … Continue reading KT on CE

Susan Whitall interview (part 2)

Part 2 of the Susan Whitall interview by Paula Yoo at Music Monday Yes things have gotten better for female journalists, because of the changes in the broader culture. When I got out of college, in the mid-’70s mind you, scratching to get an ad writing job at an ad agency, the guy hiring actually said these words: ‘We start all our girls in the … Continue reading Susan Whitall interview (part 2)

Marcus interview in the Voice

Greil Marcus Revisits Some Strange Days: Jason Bailey interviews GM in the Voice, on the eve of his upcoming Doors book: ‘Look at the iPhone,’ he says, picking it up from next to him on the couch in his crisply decorated, sun-soaked West Village apartment. ‘You know, it’s good looking…’ He pushes the button at the bottom, and his home screen pops up. ‘I mean, … Continue reading Marcus interview in the Voice

Kellow & Kael IV [updated]

And the hits kust keep on coming… Tom Carson: “Unlike those sturdy adolescents whose sexual initiation (‘Tante Alice wasn’t a blood relative’) or political primal scene (‘The Pinkertons shot Pops at noon’) made their fifteenth birthdays memorable, the most transformative event of mine was neither erotic nor radicalizing. Except, perhaps, in totally figurative senses of both words. Having noticed I liked movies, my parents gave … Continue reading Kellow & Kael IV [updated]