Marcus interview in the Voice

Greil Marcus Revisits Some Strange Days: Jason Bailey interviews GM in the Voice, on the eve of his upcoming Doors book:

‘Look at the iPhone,’ he says, picking it up from next to him on the couch in his crisply decorated, sun-soaked West Village apartment. ‘You know, it’s good looking…’ He pushes the button at the bottom, and his home screen pops up. ‘I mean, isn’t that cool?’ He points at the app logos. ‘What does that mean? Look at all those talismanic symbols — I wonder what they are?’ He contemplates the object. ‘It was derided by all sorts of people, and I was probably one of them, as some sort of expensive status symbol, or just the latest electronic fetish object — But then people discover not only is it beautiful, not only is it cool — in the best sense of the word — but it’s also useful. And it really does make life easier. And not only does it make life easier, but it makes life more interesting and fun.’


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