Marcus interviews roundup

Re: The Doors: A Lifetime of Listening to Five Mean Years:

This is now the third book I’ve written in a month — literally, to the day… I do all the listening, all the interviews, all the reading and all the writing in a month. I don’t know that it is a way to write any given book, but this one on the Doors was easy to write, enormous fun. I just barreled through it.” (John Fleming,

Well, I guess the difference is that I made a more emotional connection with Rod Stewart’s songs, or they made a connection with me. It’s just different from the connections I’ve made with the Doors’ music. I love their music in different ways. With ‘Maggie May’ and particularly ‘Every Picture Tells a Story,’ ‘Reason to Believe,’ so many other songs, my chest is open, my heart is beating. Everything is exposed. That’s the way I want to live. It just seems like this incredible vision of a good life, a life of complete fulfillment. That’s what I hear in Rod Stewart, in the stuff that I love the best. There’s no question that what’s going on in the Doors is chillier. It’s more thought-out, more formally experimental — it’s different. I love them both, but in a real different way.” (Michaelangelo Matos, eMusic)

Here I am writing about a band that only existed for a very few years in the late ’60s, and I wanted to make this book about the music — not about the late ’60s… I wanted to take that music out of its context and put it in a new context, which is the present moment.” (Sam Whiting, SF Gate)

Greil Marcus listens to the Doors: On Point with Tom Ashbrook (MP3 podcast)

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