Best Music Writing Series Goes Indie

I’ve touted, on a few occasions over the years, Da Capo’s “Best Music Writing” series, the quality of which has always been, in the very least, reliable (some years editions are more excellent than other years editions, no doubt due to what has turned the crank of each respective guest editor). As you may or may not have heard, the series is now going indie — meaning that, going forward, “the series will be independently published and have a new editorial structure that will better serve the music writing community and create a more dynamic, wide-reaching book for music writing fans.” Of course, putting out books costs money, and to that end, series editor Daphne Carr has started a fundraiser to keep the series going. For me, it’s a series that, good as it has been, could still be better, so I hope they garner enough to keep things going. One very promising addition already is an online ballot, which is sure to increase the scope of the venture, if not the quality.

Not on anyone’s payroll for this, I swear, but if you care at all about this stuff you should consider making some kind of contribution. Depending on how much you contribute you’ll be rewarded for your efforts — with a copy of the book, a tote bag, a t-shirt, a date with the world’s sexiest rock critic, etc. (Not me, I’m taken.)

3 thoughts on “Best Music Writing Series Goes Indie

  1. I love this site.

    Don’t know if you all knew of William Gay but he was a both a literary force and a profound lover of music. He died in late Feb and his friends and colleagues are still reeling. Just six months ago we were lucky to sign him up as our online music columnist.

    Here are two tributes to him:

    And here is his last online column for us:

    Also, before Will died, we signed up another writer (Pat Cochran) to complement our online coverage. Cochran is not yet well know but the dude is, I think, fantastic: discerning but passionate—and he writes fun sentences! So I gotta share this too, Cochran’s debut column:



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