Enough hemming and hawing: I’ve decided, after all, to start doing occasional postings in this space again. There’s currently an outstanding bill to pay in order to maintain the rockcritics archives, which part of me (a big part of me) is loathe to even consider shelling out for. It’s not a huge bill, by any means, but big enough to make a small dent in the bank account (unfortunately, it can’t be paid in instalments) . And at this point, I assume that few, if any, people give a shit what actually happens around here.

On the other hand, a glance at the stats counter indicates that there are still a few stragglers (hey, my expectations are as low as they’ve always been) checking in from time to time (unless it’s all spammers, which has become a recurring problem on the side TBH), and the truth is, I do come across items I wouldn’t mind linking to or gabbing about, plus I have a few relevant side projects possibly worth noting here. I’m more removed–emotionally, philosophically, financially, every which way you can imagine–from the world of rock criticism than I ever have been, probably, but, weirdly enough, my interest in the subject endures. Somewhat.

Stay tuned. (Now that I’ve got that off my chest, I already feel like I need a break.)