Trying to set up comments again, but the site has been inundated in recent months by spammers, so the comments box might get shut down from time to time. I’ve set them up for the time being so that I am required to approve any that come through the door. I’ve never been keen on having to approve legitimate comments, but I’ll do so at least until there’s some comfort that this place is SPAM-free.

5 thoughts on “Comments

  1. Very kind of you (again), Andrew–much appreciated. I shouldn’t make out the financial element of all this to be more than it is. Really, it’s not a big deal. The point for me is, do I feel it worth putting any money into a site I’m not sure I have the energy to maintain. Apparently I do (or did–the bill’s been paid!). For whatever reason, I feel up to giving it another go right now. A pattern you can anticipate playing out for the next 25 years, or until I drop dead, whichever comes firtst .

  2. thanks, don, comments box is messed up, and i can’t seen to bring it back for new posts (and don’t feel like spending oodles of time figuring it out).

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