Singles, 1981, Brit Edition


January 28, 2013 by admin

The top 50 singles from one of the most exciting years ever for pop music, according to the critics at the NME. (At the time, this list meant as much to me as Pazz & Jop.)

NME 1981


4 thoughts on “Singles, 1981, Brit Edition

  1. Joe Bonomo says:

    Where’s The Jam?

  2. s woods says:

    Surprising, now that you mention it (though were the NME as besotted as the rest of the country seemed to be? not sure), Same time, it wasn’t really a banner year for them with singles, though I could certainly live with “That’s Entertainment” being in there.

  3. Joe Bonomo says:

    Right. In fact, didn’t Weller write “Awful year for songs” or something like that about 1981 in the live album liner notes?

  4. s woods says:

    Not a big enough fan to know, but it wouldn’t endear me to him if he did: I sort of consider ’81 the penultimate year for pop music, at least during my lifetime (which is not to say there haven’t been other good years since).

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