Rod the Bod

“‘Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?’ still needs modest defenses. Eerily mimicking the feel of the Stones’ ‘Miss You,’ Stewart’s band plays every extant disco signifier: four on the floor drums, locked-down bass, guitar fills too groove-conscious to do anything besides stay out of the way, sax solo. The key, though, is the amazing synth line, lumbering across the track, suggesting a scenario much colder and … Continue reading Rod the Bod

James Chance on Film Noir

Yes, that James Chance. From the latest edition of Perfect Sound Forever. Because I’m fairly noir-deficient, much of the context here eludes me, but there’s some great lines throughout. On 1947’s Nightmare Alley: “The movie that proves that the geeks that you meet on the way up are the same ones you meet on the way down. In fact, you just might be meeting yourself.” … Continue reading James Chance on Film Noir

Nick Tosches in January Esquire

Nick Tosches talks to Scott Raab about his new book, fear, Moby-Dick, opium, booze, and the weather. SR: How does a writer retire? NT: I’d retire by allowing most of my days to be as they have been for the past three months: I’ll sit on a bench, drink coffee, smoke cigars, and watch the clouds move through the sky, and watch this complete parade of idiocy around me. … Continue reading Nick Tosches in January Esquire