Maura Johnston’s Digital ‘Zine

Interview with Maura Johnston regarding her new online venture, Maura Magazine. I really wanted to see if this model would work. I’ve been on the Internet for 20 years. I started doing Web stuff in 1994 and I always loved that you could find weird stuff — boutiques interests that people just wanted to put on the Web. And I feel like with the push … Continue reading Maura Johnston’s Digital ‘Zine

Anxiety of Influence #13 & 36

Many critics claim they avoid reading other reviews until they’ve filed theirs. The reasons: ‘I don’t want to be influenced’ or ‘I want to preserve the sanctity of my reaction’ or ‘I don’t have time,’ the last of which is really the only legitimate. Apart from being next to impossible in the post-Internet age, the insulation presumes that our reviews are original creations, untainted by … Continue reading Anxiety of Influence #13 & 36

Richard Kramer on Kael

A Broad’s Laugh: On Pauline Kael by Richard Kramer (Los Angeles Review of Books) And there was one more moment between us. She called me. She was in the hospital, although she didn’t say that. Her voice was weak, this writer whose voice was always so strong, all brass section, all parade. ‘What will become of all of you?’ she asked. ‘What will you do … Continue reading Richard Kramer on Kael