Maura Johnston’s Digital ‘Zine

Interview with Maura Johnston regarding her new online venture, Maura Magazine.

I really wanted to see if this model would work. I’ve been on the Internet for 20 years. I started doing Web stuff in 1994 and I always loved that you could find weird stuff — boutiques interests that people just wanted to put on the Web. And I feel like with the push to constantly grow pageviews and always shoot for the stars or shoot for the 18-34 male demographic that seems like the default of Internet culture, you lose a lot of the stuff that made the Web an interesting place to be and burrow down. In a curious way — not in the, ‘Oh my god, this is so weird — look at this stupid idiot’ kind of way.

Issue list for Maura Magazine. (You can preview articles but, far as I can tell, need an iPhone or iPad to read the entire thing.)


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