Nothing Doesn’t Matter

If someone is going to write about a pop star or a song or even an absurd haircut as if it doesn’t matter, then I’d rather they didn’t bother writing about it all. I always wanted to write about everything as though it mattered, and I’ve always tried to. – Chris Heath, “Smash Hits to GQ: Adventures in Magazine Writing” (interviewed by Steven Ward in … Continue reading Nothing Doesn’t Matter

Through With Buzz

Since about 1970, serious contemporary artists, art critics, and curators have done their damnedest to quarantine the word ‘beauty’ from inclusion in any discussion of art. Instead, borrowing heavily from critical theory, they’ve larded their talk about art with such academically saturated fats as ‘dialogues,’ ‘hybridization,’ ‘critical practice,’ ‘semiotics,’ ‘dialectics,’ ‘synthesis,’ ‘political discourse,’ and others too enervating to mention. With Invisible Dragon and Air Guitar, … Continue reading Through With Buzz