Through With Buzz

Since about 1970, serious contemporary artists, art critics, and curators have done their damnedest to quarantine the word ‘beauty’ from inclusion in any discussion of art. Instead, borrowing heavily from critical theory, they’ve larded their talk about art with such academically saturated fats as ‘dialogues,’ ‘hybridization,’ ‘critical practice,’ ‘semiotics,’ ‘dialectics,’ ‘synthesis,’ ‘political discourse,’ and others too enervating to mention. With Invisible Dragon and Air Guitar, Hickey dared to drag beauty out of hiding and place it back at the center of art.

Dave Hickey’s Politics of Beauty – By Laurie Fendrich (The Chronicle of Higher Education)

2 thoughts on “Through With Buzz

  1. Perhaps that falls under (to quote the article) “too enervating to mention,” but yeah, “transgressive” is this awful word, though like any word, I’m sure I’ve forgiven it on occasion. It’s not like I can’t learn stuff from writers who use horribly pompous or trendy language, but such words often diminish whatever genuinely smart point they might be making.

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