Obscure Music Magazine of the Day: Black Beat

Black Beat, October 1983. From my own stash, though some years ago, when weeding through boxes of ‘zines, I made the decision to just salvage stuff on Clinton and Grandmaster Flash, which might or might not have been a dumb idea. (Delicious font, btw — “Candy Coated Neon”?) Advertisements Continue reading Obscure Music Magazine of the Day: Black Beat

Critical Playlist: Daisy Buchanan

Tom Carson, former rock critic who now writes about movies, tv, politics, and etc. for GQ and — the recent work of his I really treasure — The American Prospect, has posted an unofficial soundtrack to his novel, Daisy Buchanana’s Daughter (which was recently reprinted in two shorter volumes *). Can’t claim to have read the DB series (though to this non-fiction lover, they sound … Continue reading Critical Playlist: Daisy Buchanan

Blowhard of the Day

7. Revolution in the Head: The Beatles’ Records and the Sixties by Ian Macdonald [Pimlico 1995] The only book you need to read on the Beatles and their musical impact. I say musical, because Macdonald, like me, is not at all interested in their roles as fashion icons, leaders of change in teenage morals, social and gender politics, the Swinging Sixties blah blah blah. They … Continue reading Blowhard of the Day