Critical Playlist: Daisy Buchanan

Tom Carson, former rock critic who now writes about movies, tv, politics, and etc. for GQ and — the recent work of his I really treasure — The American Prospect, has posted an unofficial soundtrack to his novel, Daisy Buchanana’s Daughter (which was recently reprinted in two shorter volumes *). Can’t claim to have read the DB series (though to this non-fiction lover, they sound quite appealing, the sort of sprawling in-and-out-of-history thing I could see myself falling for in a big way), but the soundtrack itself is nifty, featuring tracks by Pet Shop Boys, Eno, Charlie Rich, Marianne Faithfull, Cyndi Lauper, and others.

* There isn’t, as I erroneously suggested here previously, a sequel; it’s simply that one book of awesome length has been made into two books of less awesome length.

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