Anthony Easton: At first I was sad that the production obscured her voice, but it’s in the same sub-genre as KLF and Tammy or Pet Shop Boys and Dusty, and those are some of my favourite things. It is less isolating than those examples, but incredibly intimate, the same otherness of Scott Walker, and perhaps the same rejection of pop history, but with the artifice stripped instead of compiled.

New Petula Clark single (! — if he wasn’t already dead, I’d say tell Glenn Gould the news) reviewed in the Singles Jukebox. It’s nice sometimes to read about a 10 out of 10 that a) still actually reads like a fairly measured critique; and b) makes me want to hear the thing ASAP. (The KLF/Tammy and Pet Shop Boys/Dusty analogy is the obvious hook for me, though I’d add Kon-Kan/Lynn Anderson to the mix also.)

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