Obscure Music Magazine of the Day: It


February 23, 2013 by admin

It, April 1972

It, April 1972

It, March 1972

It, March 1972


It Magazine, via Lettie Music. (Probably not a music magazine per se, but certainly one with a musical/visual aesthetic — a precursor to post-punk? — at least judging from these.)



3 thoughts on “Obscure Music Magazine of the Day: It

  1. Tim B. says:

    I.T. is short for International Times. It was a very influential British counterculture mag in its day. You can see a great archive here: http://www.international-times.org.uk/ITarchive.htm. And if you read enough Mick Farren & Barry Miles, you’ll hear all about it.

  2. s woods says:

    Thanks Tim, for the info, and the great link. I doubt this would have been something easily accessible in North America at the time (I’m assuming it’s somewhat in the line of, though later than, Oz magazine? Something else I know very little about.)

  3. Oz started before it, but they ran concurrently for a few years, but yes – definitely in the same ballpark. I have no idea how accessible it was in the States…we might be surprised…

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