3 thoughts on “Obscure Music Magazine of the Day: zigzag

  1. http://www.terrascope.co.uk/Features/ZigZagFeature.htm

    “ZigZag 1 hit the streets in mid-April 69 after a nice plug by John Peel on Top Gear and its editor Pete Frame would quit his day job and finally ‘drop out’ on 23 May . Funnily enough I never saw that now legendary debut issue until 1973 when Pete found a cache and flogged them off through the pages of the mag – but what an issue it was when it finally arrived down in Wales where I was by then studying. The cover was Sandy Denny and the lead article was Frame’s evocative piece on Fairport Convention in the wake of their ‘What We Did On Our Holidays’ LP (at that stage my absolute fave record of the time, spring 69); issue 1 also featured Blodwyn Pig, Creedence, Chicken Shack , Ramblin’ Jack Elliott, the Village and Led Zepellin. As debuts go, absolutely fabulous, bursting to the brim with what its founder referred to as fine grist!”

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