More on Zigzag

All through school, I had been taught the importance of getting a secure job, so I went to work for the Prudential Assurance Company as a Trainee Surveyor. I stuck it for eight years, but my interest in rock music was overwhelming. I went to as many gigs as I could. All around me, the 60s were reaching a crescendo… and I knew I had to “drop out and do my own thing, man”. At the time, there were no publications dealing with the music I loved, so I decided to start one: Zigzag. The first issue was April 1969. I had no training as a journalist and just relied on enthusiasm to carry me through.

– Pete Frame, interviewed by Beppe Colli at Clouds and Clocks in 1999. I know Frame, as many do, through his Rock Family Trees. Did not know he was the founder of Zigzag also.

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