Beatles Invade American Newspapers, Feb 1964

Beatles Welcomed to US by 2,000 Screaming Fans (The Milwaukee Journal – Feb 7, 1964)

‘Yeah, Yeah,’ Fans Screech as Beatles Hit the Beach (St. Petersburg Times – Feb 17, 1964)

Home Lauds Beatles Aid: Calls It New Kind of Diplomacy (Toledo Blade – Feb 16, 1964)

Rockin’ Beatles Roll In Today (The Miami News – Feb 13, 1964)

Beatle Hater Fighting for Past (The Pittsburgh Press – Feb 29, 1964)

Squealing Teenagers Pelt Beatles With Jelly Beans (The Fort Scott Tribune – Feb 12, 1964)

Beatles Upped Ed’s Ratings (Kentucky New Era – Feb 22, 1964)

Charge of the Blue Jeans (Park City Daily News – Feb 27, 1964)

Beatlemaniacs Kick Cane From Under Aging Critic (The Milwaukee Journal – Feb 1, 1964)

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