New Look, At Least for Now

It looks like I may be stuck with this design, at least for now. (It’s a fine design, don’t get me wrong, it’s just not the particular template I want right now for this site.) The template I was using – Grisaille Demo, I think it’s called – simply won’t revert my text back to readable black text. I’m not confident it’s going to be fixed by anyone at WordPress, it seems like such a weird anomaly (working in the tech industry myself, I have a little bit of understanding that, sometimes, weird shit just happens, and putting the resources into fix such a thing is likely extremely low on a priority list; one look at my reader stats would pretty much ensure that fate… whatever is smaller than ‘small fry’ — that’s what this is). Thing is, I now require the kind of format that only shows partial articles on the front page (instead of reverting back to something like we had previously) because of how I’ve formatted all the stuff from the past several months. So anyway, yada yada, I’m sure no one out there’s terribly fussed about this, it’s just an annoyance I at least need to note here so it doesn’t look like I’m just messing around with things for the hell of it.

I will miss you, Grisaille Demo.

Our regularly scheduled program will resume shortly. By which I mean

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