2 thoughts on “Bowie’s Top 100 Books List

  1. Kinda sad the archivist didn’t do hard research (list the original publication date of each title, followed by the date of the edition David listed and likely owned) and (the impossible) find out when it was he read them. That’s the kind of stuff I’m sometimes interesting in, tracing the spread of ideas.

  2. The article isn’t 100% clear, but seems to imply that the list is supplied by Bowie (though forwarded by a handler, which is kind of amusing), and thus printed “as is.” Which I’m okay with, though sure, any list without a word of elaboration is not terribly useful. I could be entirely wrong, but assuming his taste in books mirrors to some degree his taste in music, I would imagine he’s some kind of dabbler, and I’d be suspicious of any direct links between “read this” and “in turn produced that” (though it’d be neat to think that, say, “Young Americans” was inspired by his reading of *Mystery Train*, except I think the song came before the book in that case).

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