Stuffing it in a Box

“And so I took a break. I put ‘music writing’ in a little box and stuffed it up in a cabinet in the back store-room of my brain and I left it there. It’s still there, and that feels right. To be clear: I am not stopping writing. I’m not sure that would be possible, or even advisable, for me to do. And I’m not even saying that I am no longer going to be writing about music. I just need to stop thinking about what I am doing as being ‘music writing,’ and I need to stop doing (or stop feeling like I should be doing) certain things that ‘music writing’ has come to entail.”

Rachel Maddux

One thought on “Stuffing it in a Box

  1. For the record, I don’t entirely relate to this. Oh sure, I relate to the quitting-music-writing part of it, just not to the actual *escaping* from it — to the stuffing it “in a cabinet in the back store-room of my brain.” I don’t have such a cabinet, unfortunately. I admire anyone who feels this way and is actually able to let go.

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