Reed Obits

Still coming across a lot of interesting stuff re: Lou Reed, but rather than continue to jam the site with separate Lou Reed posts, I’ll just gather all the interesting ones I can find in this post. (And I’ll ‘bump’ it via the comments box if more get added.) There’s just too many good ones I don’t want to lose track of. If you come across any, or have written one yourself, feel free to add it in the comments box.

(Thanks to the Tumblr, Front of Book for posting a whole bunch of these I was unaware of.)

In no particular order whatsoever:

  • Luc Sante (New Yorker)
  • Carl Wilson (Slate) (Also: check out this great find via Wilson, something Reed wrote in 1966 for the art magazine, Aspen.)
  • Margaret Eby (New York Daily News)
  • Geeta Dayal (Slate) (On Reed’s “masterpiece” — Metal Machine Music)
  • Byron Coley (Arthur)
  • Alfred Soto (Quietus)
  • Rob Sheffield (Rolling Stone)
  • Ann Powers (NPR)
  • Legs McNeil (Daily Beast)
  • Robert Christgau (Spin)
  • Glenn O’Brien (GQ)
  • Lenny Kaye (eMusic)
  • Ira Robbins (Observer)
  • Frank Kogan (Koganbot)
  • Anthony Miccio (Anthony is Right)

  • 10 thoughts on “Reed Obits

    1. Thanks, guys. That Jukebox thing looks great.

      Would also like to add a couple pieces from Beppe Colli, who reprinted a couple of his own lengthy excursions about Berlin on his Clouds and Clocks site. Here and here. (I fall into that disreputable subset of critics who’s never actually listened to Berlin, though I have looked at the lyric sheet for some reason.)

    2. Some more (at some point I’ll add all these additions to the main list), via James Wolcott:

      Dave Hickey:

      And Wolcott himself in a 1976 Voice feature on Lou/Velvets/punk, reprinted at Buzzfeed:

      BTW, in case it wasn’t clear (because hyperlinks in the comments box are so hard to actually see), the two links to the Beppe Colli pieces are these:


      Also: Steven Rubio here:

      Also also: Ned Raggett re-posted Laurie Anderson’s obit:

    3. Howdy, Don. Looking forward to reading your piece–thanks for popping in! (Good to know freelance mentalism still exists.)

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