Rust, Still Awake

At his excellent blog, Can’t Explain, Jeff Pike assembles a small road crew to re-evaluate Neil Young’s 1979 Pazz & Jop-winning LP, Rust Never Sleeps. Jeff, Phil Dellio, Steven Rubio, Jack Thompson, and yours truly all pipe in, with reactions which, while positive overall, are surprisingly varied. The one perhaps not-so-surprising common denominator, mentioned at least once by everyone, is punk. (My original impulse, in fact, was to put Rust on a scale, and simply measure its then-and-current worth against other late ’70s punk-inspired moves by pre-punk people, i.e., Some Girls, Street Hassle, “Who Are You,” The Bride Stripped Bare, et al.) There’s some great stuff in all this. Thanks to Jeff for letting me play along.

2 thoughts on “Rust, Still Awake

  1. Damn, I should know that, shouldn’t I? Was a time when I could’ve recited the Top 20 backwards while standing on my head.

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