Pet Shop Boys, Critically (5)

Here’s the third in our series of PSB podcasts. This time Alfred Soto and I are joined by Ned Raggett to discuss Pet Shop b-sides, which leads into a discussion of: PSB’s Alternative (their double-disc b-sides collection); Sonic Youth vs. Pet Shop Boys; Diane Warren; Mick Jagger; Simon Reynolds… and much, much more!


(Or download part one, two, three, four)

(A couple listeners have mentioned the less than stellar sound quality for these podcasts. It’s true, especially, I presume, if you’re listening to them on a high-end playback system. When I monitor them, usually in computer headphones, they’re fine, though understand that my measurement for sound quality success here is that each speaker is merely audiible… wind-tunnel background noise be damned! In any event, I will work on improving this at some point, so long as I can figure out a cost-effective way of doing so.)

1) The buried treasure of Pet Shop Boys’ B-sides: Dorian Lynskey in The Guardian
2) List of songs written by Diane Warren (does not include, as erroneously stated by yours truly, Heart’s “Alone”)
3) Ned‘s Storify link with his Pet Shop Boys CD project


> > > Bet She’s Not Your Girlfriend< < < (via Grooveshark, b-side to “Where the Streets Have No Name/Can’t Take My Eyes Off You”)

“A Man Could Get Arrested” (b-side to “West End Girls”)

“The Truck Driver and His Mate” (b-side to “Before”)

“Saturday Night”/”Rent” (Suede w/Neil Tennant)


“Your Funny Uncle”

“Do I Have To”

> > > Miserablism< < < (via Grooveshark)

“Glad All Over” (Dave Clark 5 cover)

“Viva la Vida” (Coldplay cover)

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