Sorry for the lack of posting recently, but it’s been an unusually busy and brutal December. Have one, possibly two, Pet Shop-related posts I’m hoping to do before Christmas, but we’ll see — if not next week, then almost certainly in the new year.

Other stuff possibly on the agenda in the weeks ahead:

– a year-end Top 10 — my first in at least five years, I think. Whether I have comments to go with them, that’s another story.
– finally received my copy of Bob Stanley’s Yeah Yeah Yeah in the mail. Will be sometime before I can read it in its entirety, but possibly something on that as well. (Also received orders recently for new-ish books by Rob Sheffield, James Wolcott, and Questlove — so maybe something on those also).
– by popular demand (not really; indeed, not at all) more rockcritics podcasts
– loads more archives — in fact, I plan to go into overdrive with those at the beginning of 2014. Not sure I will have all the old archival material re-posted here by January (which I think is when my old server subscription ends), but I’ll do my best. I’m about 3/4 of the way through re-posting the old interviews, I think, but I’ve barely touched any of the features and featurettes.

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