Expert Witnesses Go Undercover

As of yesterday (I think), the Expert Witness community went kaput:


However, it appears (thanks to Steven for pointing this out) that the back and forths between commenters (or some of it? did someone actually edit this thing?) is being published in book form, via the self-publishing imprint, Lulu.


(Sorry for the awful title pun. I’m tired, okay?)


3 thoughts on “Expert Witnesses Go Undercover

  1. The book is actually a collection of testimonials to Christgau. Most of them first appeared in the Expert Witnesses comments. I certainly edited my own. I doubt there was much other editing.

    i have not actually seen the book yet so I do not know what else may have been added. It was really created as a gift for Christgau.

  2. That sounds cool, Tom, thanks for the info. Interested in buying a copy, definitely. (Will this make Christgau the only critic with TWO books of testimonials to his genius?? There’s also the ‘Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough’ collection.)

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