Just Another Rolling Stone Top 500 List?

Well, sort of.

Rolling Stone’s 500 Worst Reviews of All Time, a “work in progress” by someone named “schmidtt,” showed up recently on my Facebook feed, and though I instantly assumed it was something I wanted nothing to do with — and it is still something I will not likely ever find time to read in its entirety — it’s not an entirely unenjoyable ride. I don’t always understand what the guy’s beefs are (beyond “I disagree with this particular assessment of this particular album/artist”) but his bullshit radar for silly turns of phrase is pretty good, and I did laugh at some of the bits he quotes (and there’s some value in just having all these disparate RS reviews hanging together in one venue; I just clicked around randomly). Truth is, I should probably be grateful right now that I was never hired to write record reviews for Rolling Stone — their loss, my gain, I suppose. (I do wish I could search the database by writer. And I did spot at least one gaffe: Arion Berger is a she, not a he. Anyway.)


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