Friday Eleven (1/10/14)

A selective inventory of the past week — good, bad, indifferent, etc.

1. Moby, “Move (You Make Me Feel So Good)” + parts of his Best Of (“Go,” Anthem,” “Feeling So Real”) — All the uptempo, ravey, transcendence-as-a-cosmic-joke stuff.
2. Brandy Clark, “Pray to Jesus” – But none of the fast stuff from her album, I don’t think.
3. Prince, “Something in the Water Does Not Compute” (Live, 2014) –
Effortless guitar god moves
, via a Facebook mini-meme (which, unsurprisingly, generated nearly as many comments about his hair). Not that Prince is one of the Top 100 Guitarists of All-time, or anything — heavens, no.
4. Miley Cyrus, “Adore You”
5. Beyonce, Beyonce – Not too deep into it yet but the good stuff (“Drunk in Love,” “Pretty Hurts”) sounds positively luscious.
6. John Cale, Vintage Violence, esp. “Big White Cloud,” missing link between Dylan and Scott Walker?
7. Haim, Days Gone By – Catching up to 2013 and only half-succeeding. More on them later.
8. Fleetwood Mac, “Mystified
9. The 1975 – Catching up to 2013 and mostly just succeeding with the stuff that sounds like Eno, i.e., “Menswear” and the sterling “12.”
10. Albert Ayler, Live in Greenwich Village (“Our Prayer,” “Truth is Marching In”).
11. Bob Stanley, Yeah Yeah Yeah: The Story of Modern Pop – 15 pages in, only another 725 to go.


2 thoughts on “Friday Eleven (1/10/14)

  1. I appreciate your dismay at keeping up and still envy your exposure to the latest releases! It’ll take me at least til summer to have processed a handful of select records listing high at the end of 2013. I feel like I won’t even be able to get started, properly, until Christgau’s year-end list comes out. Someone will pay him to do this, right? The prospect that there might not be one is another end-point to civilization in “rock critic” terms, no?

  2. I’m assuming, Jack, based on an Expert Witness comment he wrote about this years Pazz & Jop, that Christgau will have a presence, and presumably, a list — but we’ll see. It’s disappointed me a little in recent years that Christgau has chosen not to do a singles list, a) because those always just interest me more, and b) because it’s easier to play catch-up with singles than with albums. As usual, I’d love to see a Marcus year-end, too, something that gets harder to find every year (assuming one even exists).

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