Friday 6 (1/24/14)

1. Wham!, “Everything She Wants” – Paranoid paternity pop. The missing link between “Billie Jean” and Ace of Base’s “All That She Wants,” the former of which I haven’t been able to hear in years, the latter of which holds up better than you probably hoped — though this holds up better than either.

2. “Dream Baby Dream” – Both the Suicide original (which I’d never heard before) and Springsteen’s imaginative cover (can do without this fan video, though). Twenty-five years from now, someone on whatever passes for a chat board in 2039 will get in a heated argument about which of these is the better pop tune, until someone chimes in to remind them that neither actually got anywhere near the radio.

3. Bikini Kill, The Singles Album – Mostly for “New Radio” and “Anti-Pleasure Dissertation,” neither of which lacks in pleasure or sounds like a dissertation.

4. Deborah Cox, “Beautiful U R” – Prince-ly title, who-cares words, skintight Gaga beat.

5. Kate & Anna McGarrigle, “Talk to Me of Mendocino

6. New track preview of the week: Sophia Black, “Kissing” – Not hearing a tune (yet) but it’s a pretty sound.
lack-kissing/” target=”_blank”>Kissing“

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