Carl Wilson Talks About Love (Not the Arthur Lee-led outfit)


MT: After release the book took on a life of its own, in terms of publicity and reach. Did that surprise you?

CW: People have been wonderfully nice. But that’s always the hope. I would call it more of a relief and a pleasure than a surprise – if nothing like that had happened, it would have been a disappointment. I think the surprise is how little negative feedback there’s been. Perhaps it just hasn’t reached the people who would hate it yet. I think it’s mostly been read by people who to some degree share my social location and general aesthetic background – liberal-artsy types. I wish more mainstream Celine fans would read it, for example, although it means listening to some harsh words (mostly quotes) in the first couple of chapters.
Carl Wilson interviewed in Music Tomes on the new, expanded edition of his 33 1/3 title, Let’s Talk About Love: Why Other People Have Such Bad Taste (which adds several additional essays to the original text).

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