State of the Nation part 7,894

“I’ve just spent a very depressing afternoon looking through the leading music periodicals. And what did I learn? Pretty much what I expected. I found out what the chart-topping musicians are wearing (or, in many instances, not wearing). I got updates on their love life, and learned whose marriages are on the rocks. I read updates on the legal proceedings of the rich and famous. I got insights into the food preferences and travel routines of megastars. And I read some reviews of albums, and got told by ‘critics’ (I use that term loosely) that they were ‘badass,’ ‘hot,’ ‘sexy,’ ‘tripped-out,’ and ‘freaky’.”

Ted Gioa, Daily Beast, Music Criticism Has Degenerated Into Lifestyle Reporting
(True or not, I nevertheless prefer the way this is titled on the Daily Beast sidebar: “Music criticism has gone to hell.”)


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